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ResCare Workforce Services is now Equus Workforce Solutions

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Creating Opportunities. Changing Lives.

Our dedicated and passionate team of 2,500+ workforce professionals puts the industry’s best practices to work across more than 350 North American locations, assisting approximately 1.9 million job seekers and thousands of employers annually. Together with our partners and collaborators, we work every day to change lives, advance economies, and help communities thrive.

About Us

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Putting Best Practices
To Work.

Equus Workforce Solutions has a rich history of collaborating with local, regional, and national partners in the development, design, and delivery of workforce solutions that create opportunities through family support services, education, training, job search assistance, placement, and retention. Our community of practices, quality management system and company-wide experts gather and give life to best practices in the industry while developing innovative approaches. We do all this through our philosophy:

We use leadership, collaboration, innovation, and performance to empower our teams to build customized workforce solutions.

Equus Service Delivery Model

Leadership, Collaboration, Innovation, Performance
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We recruit, hire, and develop leaders who demonstrate humility, integrity, inclusion, and a passion for their work. As leaders in the industry, we are committed to using our position to introduce technology, processes, and systems that advance workforce programs and communities. Our leaders are purposeful in creating an environment of hope and success that enhances the lives of those we touch.

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We bolster collaborative workforce models that prioritize our commitment to “work smart” by serving as highly engaged partners in a diverse group of stakeholders who work collectively to advance communities, families, and businesses. We routinely seek to expand our partnerships by identifying organizations that are able to align missions, resources, and strategies to produce positive outcomes. The result is a holistic workforce system that strengthens individuals and the networks that support them.

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We embrace innovation as a tool to facilitate our desire to constantly “get better.” Our revolutionary innovation strategies often result in workforce inventions that help transform how we work. Our revolutionary innovation strategies encourage local staff to leverage unique approaches to solve problems and develop best practices. Both innovation strategies help support the proliferation of new ideas that help advance the workforce industry.

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Performance is the result of everything we do and the active realization of our company philosophy. We develop high-performance standards that are used to direct strategies and practices that improve workforce systems. At our best, we use performance measures to help achieve community goals by leveraging data to make wise, informed decisions that become the foundation for quality process improvements that “do good.”

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ResCare Workforce Services is now Equus Workforce Solutions

ResCare Workforce Services, the nation’s largest and most comprehensive provider of workforce solutions, announced they will now do business as Equus Workforce Solutions. The new branding represents the company’s work as a comprehensive provider of workforce development services in North America. The Equus logo and branding suggests balance and fairness, made up of two components […]

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