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CivilianCyber Success Story

CivilianCyber is a workforce entity focused on the technology workforce shortage and placing qualified professionals in the industry. Read from CivilianCyber CEO, Bobby F. Keener, Jr. on how partnering with Equus Workforce Solutions and the success since then on.

“We were very fortunate to be connected to Equus Workforce Solutions by our local WIOA partners.  After we were awarded the incentive funds for an apprenticeship program, we were able to put the foundation in place to formalize and expand our STEP (STEM Training Engagement Program) training and internship program into a Registered Apprenticeship Program (RAP) with the US Department of Labor.  STEP provides participants with accredited online training and aligns them to employer apprenticeships and upon program completion participants gain an accredited, DoD compliant cybersecurity certificate and professional journeyperson status.  The Virginia Department of Labor & Industry has also recognized CivilianCyber as the only fully approved cybersecurity online training program that addresses the cybersecurity workforce gap in the state.  Navigating this process without the informational and monetary support from Equus would have been nearly impossible and is much appreciated.


The incentive award funds were used primarily to onboard apprentices and develop the systems needed to manage the workflow and tracking activities associated with the STEP program.    Having money to onboard apprentices allowed us to reach out to candidates from all areas of the state regardless of their level of financial stability.  Many of these candidates would have otherwise not been able to apply.  This truly has changed people’s lives!  We are especially proud to be certified as a V3 (Virginia Values Veterans) partner which assists local veterans with education, training and connections to employers.


Finally, in addition to changing the lives of our apprentices, these award funds have also allowed CivilianCyber to build relationships with national hiring managers and recruiters.  This has been a huge benefit which will allow us to support employers across the US by matching them with apprentices that seek a long-term career in an industry with high demand.”