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Project Spotlight: NCWorks Centralina

Leading up to National Apprenticeship Week, we are excited to spotlight Equus Workforce Solutions teams across the country who are champions for Registered Apprenticeship in their communities. The NCWorks Centralina team has supported career seekers to enter apprenticeship opportunities in both traditional and non-traditional occupations. From a traditional machinist position to occupations such as a Paramedic and Medical Records Manager. The team has even helped an apprentice with a NASCAR Pit Crew program!

Our NCWorks Centralina project has continued to champion diversity, equity, and inclusion with a strong focus on typically underrepresented groups, including women. The team showcases the true intent of apprenticeships by building career pathways for career seekers, and assisting our employers to connect with an untapped skilled talent!

Visit NCWorks Centralina’s website to learn more about their services at

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