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Wisconsin Regional Training Partnership’s Success Story

The Wisconsin Regional Training Program I Building Industry Group Skilled Trades Employment Program (WRTP I BIG STEP) is a national workforce intermediary that is devoted to family-sustaining jobs. Leveraging the resources available through the employer incentive awards, WRTP and its Industrial Apprenticeship Committee were able to reach out and meets the needs of various small and medium sized employers. WRTP shared that without the incentive funds, employers would have been less likely to bring on the apprentices.

Access to capital and other local resources has been a challenge due to the pandemic and other restrictions. The incentive funds from Equus helped WRTP to pay for laptops or Chromebooks that provided digital access to tutoring services and apprentice navigators for over 30 apprentices. WRTP was also able to pay tuition other allowable expenses. Joe Nicosia attributes much of this year’s success to the incentive funds.

As we approach the coming program year, WRTP plans to continue the partnership with Equus and has begun outreach with technical colleges—expecting over 60 registered apprenticeship placements in the next month or two.


Equus Workforce Solutions’ contact with WRTP:

Joe Nicosia

Manufacturing & Industrial Lead Coordinator

Wisconsin Regional Training Partnership (WRTP)