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Agilec Joins With Equus Workforce Solutions

Agilec joined with Equus Workforce Solutions effective July 1, 2021.

Agilec is one of Ontario’s leading and highest quality providers of workforce services, having served customers, partners, and job seekers for more than 35 years. Serving customers nationwide through 21 locations across Ontario, Canada, Agilec specializes in professional services, government services, and vocational rehabilitation.

In combination with Equus’ existing business, the company’s expanded footprint now spans 36 U.S. states, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands and Ontario, Canada, and offers complete workforce solutions for partners, employers and job seekers.

This combination unites two companies with shared missions and values, as well as strong reputations and customer outcomes, harnessing combined talent, expertise, and passion for innovative services and solutions for customers, partners and job seekers. These workforce services are life-changing, dramatically improving job seekers’ employability and life-long success.

“Our 35+ years in business has afforded Agilec great success and memorable achievements, and as things have changed in the world around us, we have been agile, adaptable, and willing to embrace what came our way,” said Agilec President Wendy Legere. “By joining with Equus, we are better positioned to realize our vision to become the best known and most respected provider of quality human services throughout Canada.”

Equus President Mark Douglass said, “Agilec and Equus share the same core values and a commitment to our people, quality, and our customers and partners. With our combined footprint, we are accelerating the ability to bring comprehensive services to more communities across the continent. As a leading workforce services provider, Agilec’s expertise will enhance our capabilities as the market-leading service provider delivering exceptional results for those we serve.”

Agilec will continue to operate under its name. Agilec’s Chief Innovation Officer Adrianne Haight and Chief Strategy Officer Danette Anthony are respected leaders in the industry and will continue to lead the business.