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Changing Lives: Ha’im’s Story

Ha’im’s journey is one of true resilience, redemption, and hope. Ha’im became involved with gang violence and substance abuse at a very young age. At just 19, he found himself wrongfully convicted of a crime and sentenced to death row in Colorado. After 29 years in prison, Ha’im’s case was re-opened with evidence proving his innocence and securing his release.

Upon regaining his freedom, Ha’im was driven by a strong desire to make a positive impact, particularly in the lives of at-risk youth. He aspired to reduce gang violence and ultimately pursue a career as a social worker. However, transitioning back into society proved challenging. Ha’im was working labor-intensive jobs upon release to support his financial needs, but these jobs were not helping him get any closer to his goals.

Seeking guidance, he turned to WorkSource Southwest Washington in Vancouver for support. With the assistance of his case manager Nicole and the Thrive Program, Ha’im received essential aid in his job search. Through resume assistance, LinkedIn Learning training, and targeted job referrals, he took strides toward his goal. His perseverance paid off when he obtained an interview for the Youth Resource Coordinator position at Longview Goodwill. At his interview Ha’im was offered the job on the spot, securing a role aligned with his passion for serving young adults.

With employment secured, the support from WorkSource continues through vital assistance such as gas vouchers and work clothing. As Ha’im settles into his new role as Youth Resource Coordinator, the ongoing support from WorkSource equips him with the necessary resources for job retention, enabling him to thrive and grow in his career.