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Equus Celebrates Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month – Meet Brian Kim

During Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month, join Equus as we honor and celebrate the many achievements and contributions of our Asian American and Pacific Islander community.

Meet Brian Kim

Lead Social Support Counselor

Where are you from?
I was actually born in Tallahassee, Florida, but my family originates from Korea.

What does this month-long celebration mean to you?
Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month celebrates the immigration of our people and introduces others to our numerous cultures. It’s amazing to see how, especially in California, we see so many diverse cultures, traditions, and most importantly, food.

My background revolves around my family and I moving to various places, including Florida, Hawaii and San Diego. I have always been exposed to the concept of cultural diversity and have acknowledged the positive impact that it can have on our society. Additionally, I graduated from the University of California, Riverside which was deemed the most culturally diverse university in California. Our campus consisted of a multitude of clubs and groups based on ethnicity from Chicano/Latin Americans, Native Americans and Asians. We even had a building dedicated to these specific ethnic groups where you could join and plan events that educate the rest of the campus about these cultures.

Diversity plays a huge role in our society, and it’s amazing to have a month dedicated to Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders.

What is your favorite cultural tradition?
One of my favorite cultural traditions would have to be Doljanchi. Doljanchi is a ceremony that is celebrated during a child’s first birthday. The ceremony begins by having six to eight items laid out on the floor, and whichever item the child picks, represents a certain future of the child with respect to his or her career or lifestyle. For example, a common item would be a stethoscope, and this would represent that the child would become a doctor.

The significance of this ceremony is to bless the child with a prosperous future and a healthy life ahead. It’s such a unique ceremony and a fun celebration for the child.

What is your proudest career accomplishment to date?
My proudest career accomplishment to date would be my current job title. Since elementary school, I’ve always had a passion for helping people. My goal has always been to help those who need it. After realizing my passion, I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and wanted to do social work.

I started this role in September 2020 and was promoted to become a Lead in about two to three months. I’m proud to have gained the trust and support of my team members, so I can help my clients.

I will strive for more career accomplishments, so I can make an impact on Equus and the project as a whole.

What do you hope to see for the Asian community in the coming years?
Growth and prosperity between other cultures. Despite being considered one of the most diverse countries in the world, we’ve all seen what’s happening in the nation on the news. I hope to see growth and a society where these problems will become obsolete, so we can live harmoniously as one.