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Equus Celebrates Pride Month – Meet Lucas Holmboe

June is Pride Month, a celebration of the LGBTQIA+ community and an intentional time to recognize the challenges this community has overcome. Equus is proud to stand in pride with our LGBTQIA+ employees and partners, celebrating their courage and accomplishments during Pride Month and year-round.

We’re recognizing PRIDE throughout the entire month of June by celebrating Equus team members who identify as part of the LGBTQIA+ community and sharing their insights.

Meet Lucas Holmboe

Career Advisor

What does PRIDE mean to you?
Pride to me is something that I have the opportunity to celebrate year-round. It isn’t only for June festivities, but rather a daily experience. To be trans, and to be open about that part of my identity is such a privilege. I get to have open conversations about identity and get to affirm others (and feel affirmed myself) in how our differences really bring us together.

What does acceptance look and feel like for you at work?
Being accepted at work looks and feels like people learning about different identities, asking pronouns, and allowing themselves to be teachable. Everyone has a plethora of identities that they carry with them, and while we don’t all share those identities, we can grow and learn about what makes each of us really unique.

How does Equus help you feel like you belong?
Being queer, specifically trans, in any work environment can be scary. Equus has really gone above and beyond in their treatment of me from using my chosen name and pronouns and not outing me in any way to coworkers or participants.

What do you hope to see for the future of the LGBTQ community?
LGBTQ folks are often left out of the conversations in daily life. LGBTQ individuals face higher rates of unemployment, higher rates of homelessness and higher rates of poverty than most other groups of people. I hope to see more inclusion and advocacy in the future, which results in a safe and healthy community.