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Equus Launching New Young Adult Mentoring Pilot with National Nonprofit InsideTrack

Equus Workforce Solutions has been providing young adults with opportunities and pathways to meaningful careers since 1974. Supports to young adults have never been more important. The COVID-19 pandemic created unprecedented challenges — including decreased high school graduation rates, decreased college enrollment numbers and greater difficulty providing consistent and high-quality working, learning and mentoring opportunities. But these challenges also create an opportunity for innovation as we work to find new ways to support the next generation.

Equus has partnered with InsideTrack, part of the Strada Education Network, to launch a young adult mentoring pilot project with an evidence-based mentoring framework delivered by expert mentors. For young adults just starting out on a career path, working with a mentor can make a profound difference in their professional growth and development.

Through a blend of one-on-one support, multichannel communication and digital resources, InsideTrack Coaches empower young adults with the attention, guidance and motivation they need to define and pursue an impactful career path. This expert coaching is approached with trauma-informed, healing-centered and resilience-building awareness – intended to meet participants exactly where they are, no matter where that may be.

The mentoring project is designed to help participants shape and define their long-term goals, build social capital and navigate the complexity of being a young adult. Coaching focuses on partnering to help participants:

  • Define primary motivations, personal objectives and long-term goals that encompass post-secondary education, career and personal trajectories
  • Build a comprehensive plan, utilizing work and education, to help participants achieve their education, career and personal goals
  • Understand how to access and utilize available resources and supports to help them on their journey
  • Provide guidance and motivation about the real-world challenges and obstacles that participants face


InsideTrack Coaches also collect insights and trends that will allow Equus and workforce system partners to better understand young adult participants and drive meaningful impact.

We are excited to partner with the following workforce boards as pilot sites:

  • Charlotte Works (NC)
  • Monterey County Workforce Development Board (CA)
  • South Central Workforce Development Board – SCPa Works (PA)
  • Workforce Connections (NV)


Equus and InsideTrack’s partnership is positioned to strengthen engagement, help young adults take action to reach their career goals and stay motivated as well as increase participation and utilization of other support services. For more information, contact

About Equus Workforce Solutions

Equus Workforce Solutions® is a comprehensive provider of workforce development services in North America. Equus offers a full continuum of solutions focused on increasing opportunities for individuals and families and fostering the competitiveness of business. This happens one person and one family at a time through client-centered approaches, committed team members and robust business and community partnerships.

About InsideTrack

InsideTrack is a 501c3 nonprofit coaching organization that empowers change and delivers tailored outcomes. They are on a mission to fuel social mobility and close equity gaps by advancing all individuals forward to achieve their educational and career goals through the power of coaching.

Since their founding in 2001, they’ve supported more than 2.9 million individuals and have partnered with more than 300 organizations. InsideTrack’s Coaching Methodology has been recognized as high-impact and research-confirmed by the U.S. Department of Education What Works Clearinghouse of Evidence Based Practices.

About Strada Education Network

Strada Education Network is a national nonprofit dedicated to helping people take advantage of education and training after high school that helps them secure a good job, do meaningful work, contribute to their communities, and lead a fulfilling life. Strada helps students succeed beyond completion of a certificate or degree through its research, charitable grants, and social impact investments, as and through the work of Strada-supported nonprofit organizations CAEL, Education at Work, InsideTrack, and Roadtrip Nation, which directly serve learners and workers. Learn more at