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Equus Workforce Solutions Celebrates Becoming a National Sponsor for Registered Apprenticeship Programs

Equus Workforce Solutions is now a national sponsor with National Program Standards and National Guideline Standards for the following occupations:

  • Personal Care Aide
  • Medical Assistant
  • Pharmacy Technician
  • Cybersecurity Support Technician
  • Web Interface Designer

National Workforce Solutions Director Michelle Day said, “We’re excited about the opportunities that we have for our career seekers to achieve their dreams.”

Equus was selected by the U.S. Department of Labor as an Industry Intermediary to launch, promote, and expand multi-employer Registered Apprenticeship models with a focus on the Healthcare and Health Information Technology (IT) industry last year.

As a National Sponsor, Equus assumes the full responsibility for administration and operation of the apprenticeship program for National Program Standards, providing a turn-key option for employers. Equus is excited to provide information and technical assistance to employers, community-based organizations, educational institutions, the workforce system and other stakeholders. 

A virtual signing ceremony was held at the BrightSpring Health Services headquarters to celebrate the prestigious event and included leaders from the U.S. Department of Labor, Equus and BrightSpring.

Pictured from left to right: BrightSpring Health Services President and CEO Jon Rousseau, Equus Workforce Solutions President Mark Douglass, Equus Vice President, Service Delivery Debra Giordano and Equus National Workforce Solutions Director Michelle Day

John V. Ladd, Administrator for the Office of Apprenticeship in the Employment and Training Administration at the U.S. Department of Labor said, “This is a great moment and a great opportunity to recognize all of the hard work that’s gone into these standards. We’re really thrilled to have Equus now as part of the National Apprenticeship system. Health care is such an important area for us as a nation and particularly a high-priority for us in the Office of Apprenticeship to expand Registered Apprenticeship opportunities related to health care.”

Click here to request more information about opportunities to partner with Equus to develop or expand your Registered Apprenticeship Program.

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