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MedCerts Partners with Equus to Upskill Job Seekers Nationwide

MedCerts, a leader in online career certification training, is partnering with Equus Workforce Solutions to connect employers with healthcare and IT apprentices.

Having helped over 25,000 students gain credentials for new careers since 2009, MedCerts provides resources for employers – with whom Equus has relationships in major metro areas across Louisiana, Texas, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Kentucky, Georgia, Michigan, Virginia and California – to fill vacancies, host internships and externships, and coordinate informal opportunities for students to shadow industry professionals and gain hands-on volunteer experience.

MedCerts and Equus are excited to offer training and registered apprenticeship opportunities in high-demand occupations, with a goal to help 60 career seekers enroll in registered apprenticeship programs by September.

“This partnership is a perfect example of synergy,” said Sandy Mead, National Director of Workforce Development at MedCerts. “We give students the ability to reskill for critical industry positions, and Equus will help connect our students with the employers most in need of these skills.”

Acquired by Stride, Inc. (NYSE: LRN) in 2020, MedCerts engages students in online, hands-on career training courses in healthcare, medical, and IT fields to prepare for over twenty national certifications. More than 1,000 organizations have hired MedCerts students or offer training and employment opportunities for students and employees, including CVS Pharmacy, Walmart and the American Red Cross.

“Equus is uniquely positioned to connect career seekers to training and employment opportunities. When students’ skills can be matched to strategic apprenticeships and employment opportunities, it creates a win-win scenario for all parties,” said Michelle Day, National Workforce Solutions Director at Equus. “We’re very excited to be working with MedCerts to help our business partners meet their skills needs and streamline the employment process.”

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About MedCerts:
MedCerts – a Stride company – is a national online training provider strengthening the workforce through innovative eLearning solutions. Focused on certifications in high-demand areas of Allied Healthcare and IT, it serves individuals from all backgrounds, including the military and their families, career changers and the under- and unemployed. MedCerts delivers certification and career training through HD-quality video-based instruction, virtual simulations, games and animations, and on-the-job training through experiential learning solutions. Since 2009, the company has developed over 35 career programs, trained and up-skilled more than 25,000 individuals across the country and partnered with over 500 American job centers and more than 1,000 healthcare organizations have MedCerts trained employees on staff. MedCerts was acquired by Stride, Inc. in 2020. Stride has transformed the teaching and learning experience for millions of people by providing innovative, high-quality, tech-enabled education solutions, curriculum, and programs directly to students, schools, the military, and enterprises in primary, secondary, and post-secondary settings. For more information, visit