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Supporting Pandemic Relief in West Virginia

Equus Workforce Solutions continues to support our partners and communities with COVID-19 relief initiatives. In particular, our local teams have been assisting dislocated workers and public health agencies to ensure COVID-19 information, testing and vaccine sites are fully staffed and supported.

In partnership with Workforce West Virginia, Equus began operation of the state’s National Health Emergency COVID-19 Dislocated Worker program in February 2021. Eligible participants are connected with temporary disaster relief employment, training activities and supportive services. Equus has placed individuals in temporary employment crucial to the public health response, including as Contact Tracers, Information Clerks, Janitors, Shuttle Drivers and more.

One participant, who was laid off with the onset of the pandemic, was able to begin working as a Contact Tracer. This role allowed him to enhance his work skills and gain work experience. The grant program ensured he was outfitted with professional work attire and that his skills were ready for the job search, including upgrading his Microsoft Office proficiency. As a result, he obtained full-time employment and commends Workforce West Virginia and Equus for helping him get back on his feet.

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