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Project Director Yvette Bayless and the New Mexico Workforce Connection Team Help WIOA Participant Find Success

WIOA participant Shawni Judah came to the New Mexico Workforce Connection in search of funding for nursing school. She said, “I received a WIOA scholarship in my third level of nursing school and maintained eligibility through graduation. The program helped me tremendously throughout my journey. I wish I would’ve heard about this program sooner because it made such a difference in my education.”

Shawni worked closely with Talent Development Specialist Patricia Estrada. Project Director Yvette Bayless said, “Patricia really nurtured the career pathway for Shawni and put in tireless hours to help her reach her goals.”

The WIOA program helped her pay for tuition, books, and nursing uniforms. Shawni said, “This program not only helps nursing students, but it also assists WIOA participants in a wide variety of high-demand careers.”

Shawni graduated from New Mexico State University in December, and she has accepted a position as an Emergency Room Nurse. She said, “I am beyond grateful for the generous financial support from WIOA that allowed me to pursue my dream career. I can’t wait to start my nursing career, so I can give back to New Mexico by caring for patients that need us now more than ever. Thank you to the New Mexico Workforce Connection WIOA team for believing in students like me!”