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Steps to Employment Plan (STEP) Series Provides Expert Tips to Job Seekers


During the pandemic, the need for quality online and on-demand job readiness courses has been indicated by nearly all projects and colleagues. In response to this call, the virtual Steps to Employment Plan (STEP) Series highlights key elements for successfully obtaining employment.

The series closely aligns with our previous STEP form and process that many projects implemented as part of the Talent Delivery Model. There are nine short videos designed to assist job seekers through expert tips on how to obtain employment in the world we live in today.

Job seekers will have access to critical job search information at any time and from any place. Topics include:


The videos are available on the Equus Workforce Solutions YouTube channel. Special thanks to the curriculum team, including Merry Hardwick, Jeramey Harrison, Geena Constantin, and Judy Moon, who developed and organized the content for these presentations. Voice talent for the series includes Debra Giordano, Jeanette Ark, Geena Constantin, Goldie Scales, Regan Wann, and Kathryn McCauley.