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The Way We Lead – Brittany Boone

Talent Development Specialist Brittany Boone

Talent Development Specialist Brittany Boone is Working Smart, Doing Good with a Get Going! mentality to help meet the needs of Workforce Services clients in Columbia, South Carolina.

Back in the summer, Brittany learned that a client was walking a long distance to get to his job site. Temperatures in the area had been above 100 degrees without a sign of reprieve in the forecast. Hearing that the client was also faced with financial hardships, Brittany went out of her way to buy a bus pass and deliver it to the client at his job site, so he wouldn’t have to walk another long distance in the extreme heat to pick it up. Even though the client wasn’t on her caseload, Brittany identified a person in need and found a workable solution.

“Brittany goes above and beyond to ensure clients receive the services they need in order to be successful,” said Talent Development Specialist Angela Jackson. “She makes a difference daily in the lives of those within our community.”

Well done, Brittany. By removing transportation obstacles, you’ve provided an opportunity for clients to get to work and keep steady employment so they can live their best life.