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The Way We Lead – Charleena Zepeda

Operations Supervisor Charleena Zepeda is Working Smart and Doing Good by finding unique ways to engage the Centralina NCWorks career team in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Although the majority of the team has been teleworking due to COVID-19, Charleena has been committed to finding ways to keep everyone engaged and connected. In addition to creating an internal staff newsletter, Charleena thought outside of the box and organized a virtual “coffee break” session to raise spirits.

During the session, the entire team played a virtual game Charleena created. They listened to snippets of television theme songs spanning decades and had to guess the show.

Navigating virtual services during COVID-19 has been an adjustment, so the team was glad to interact in a way they haven’t been able to recently. “It was so much fun and allowed us to see the personalities and interests of our colleagues,” said Amy Weatherman, Lead Talent Development Consultant. “Charleena’s innovation truly brought the team closer together during the pandemic.”

Great job, Charleena! Thank you for being an example and using your creativity to help your fellow team members live their best lives.