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The Way We Lead – Jesse Graham

Equus Case Manager Jesse Graham is working smart and doing good while helping participants overcome barriers to employment and find success in North Texas.

In June, Jesse worked with WIOA Adult customer Josiah and helped him get approved for CDL training. Upon receiving the news that he had been approved, Josiah was in tears. He said, “Nobody has ever given me a chance. They all judge me.”

WIOA Adult customer Josiah


Josiah had many barriers to employment, including an extensive criminal background. He spent most of his adult life in and out of prison and had low self-esteem. On June 22, he went to CDL training at C1 Trucking in Fort Worth, Texas.

In August, Josiah found employment at a company he really wanted to work for called Freymiller Inc. He contacted Jesse to share his excitement. He said, “I’ve never felt like I could achieve this much! Thank you so much for helping me get here. I hope you realize how much of a difference you are making. Thank you so much!”

Throughout Josiah’s training, Jesse consistently provided words of encouragement and support to ensure his success.

After being on the job for about a month, Josiah told Jesse, “I love this job, and I don’t think I could have chosen a better company to work with. I know I’ve put in some work to get here, but I’ll always be grateful that you had the faith to push me through the system so I could succeed. The opportunity was what I needed, and without you having faith in me, I wouldn’t have made it this far.”

Thank you, Jesse, for being a servant leader and setting an example in the communities we serve.