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The Way We Lead – Jose Camacho

Job Search Readiness Trainer Jose Camacho

Job Search Readiness Trainer Jose Camacho is “Working Smart and Doing Good” in Salinas, California.

Jose was entering orientation data when he noticed documents were only available in English, though many of his clients did not speak English as their first language. Understanding the importance of communication and keeping everyone in the know, Jose embodied a “Get Going” mindset and took it upon himself to translate the Adult Program paperwork from English into Spanish.

“Jose’s contribution with translating made it possible for the Monterey County Adult Program to have bilingual documentation,” said Lupita Murillo, Job Search Readiness Trainer. “Having forms available for participants in their native language allows them to actually understand the paperwork they are completing.”

Because of his take charge initiative, Jose was recently promoted from Customer Service Representative to Job Search Readiness Trainer.

Congratulations and nice job, Jose! Your contribution to communication and your “Get Going” drive is truly helping people live their best lives.