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The Way We Lead – Miguelina Torres

Job Corps Center Director Miguelina Torres is Working Smart and Doing Good in Garrochales, Puerto Rico. Miguelina is a LEGACY Leadership award finalist for the 2021 Enterprise Leadership Awards.

When officials announced mandatory facility closings due to COVID-19, Miguelina Got Going and safely evacuated all students from the center within four hours of the order. Maintaining a people-focused Environment, Miguelina ensured her students were continuously cared for while the center was closed. Her operation was one of the first to provide their students with home meal deliveries. They were one of the only centers to fully engage their student body in distance learning, even offering social development events for their students hosted after hours.

“Miguelina embodies the true spirit of leaving her LEGACY,” said Patricia Lankford, Vice President, Job Corps. “Through the many obstacles she faced last year, including Hurricane Maria and COVID, she conquered each challenge with a professional and personal touch.”

Great work, Miguelina! Thank you for your commitment to the students you support and for your consistent Leadership during difficult times. You are making a difference while helping your clients live their best lives.