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A Message from Equus Workforce Solutions President Mark Douglass

Mark Douglass, President of Equus Workforce SolutionsThe work that we do has never been more important than now. The communities in which we live, work and serve continue to face significant challenges, but our team has maintained a focus on meeting the challenges head-on by focusing on those in need. Staying connected to the people that look to us to solve problems, eliminate barriers and connect them to solutions that make a difference in their lives has been that critical link needed to move forward.

In partnership with our funders, our operations have showcased some of the industry’s best practices, including:

  • Quick and seamless transition to virtual service delivery
  • The Service Delivery Team’s expansion of virtual tools and technology
  • Our partnership with BrightSpring/PharMerica on the Outbreak Preparedness and Action Committee to provide guidance and tools to help our teams prepare for potential disruptions to services in impacted communities

Last month, we formed four separate taskforces focused on different service delivery phases (planning, development, preparation and placement/retention). These teams are exploring ways to serve the significantly increased demand by leveraging technology and streamlining processes, factoring in realities such as social distancing. We look forward to sharing these concepts with our operations, knowing that planning and implementation are ultimately local.

We are also working across the country to be ready to re-open the offices that closed. Using the best practices identified over the last six weeks with our partners to establish guidance tailored to each location.

  • Preparing the building
  • Preparing the employees and partners
  • Creating service plans that incorporate in-person and virtual delivery
  • Reducing touchpoints and increasing cleaning
  • Communicating with confidence to minimize fear and discomfort

Thank you all for your daily commitment.