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Registered Apprenticeships are driven by your specific industry and business needs and concerns. Equus offers customized solutions designed to meet your real-time occupational requirements. Our solutions continually stock your pipeline with the right candidates, trained to your unique specifications and culture, which fulfills your succession plan by driving high-quality career pathways as you develop current employees, onboard new hires, and prepare your future workforce.

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Opportunities – Talent – Successful Outcomes

Average earned by apprentice
graduates per year
Retained employment after
completing their apprenticeship
Day 1
Most apprentices can begin
working their first day
Average hourly starting
wage for apprentices

Equus champions social and economic opportunities for individuals and families and we witness outcomes where these communities flourish. We recognize both internally and externally that diversity and inclusion is not only mission critical, but also:

  • Creates a sense of belonging and safety that promotes innovation
  • Ensures we not only meet, but exceed our business goals, and
  • Communicates a brand that reflects the people, businesses, and communities we celebrate and serve.

We’re committed to connecting employers with career seekers while uplifting equity by breaking down systemic barriers that have prevented many from participating in Registered Apprenticeship Programs.

Benefits to a Business

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  1. Skilled Workforce
    • Recruit and develop a diverse and highly-skilled workforce
  2. Improved Work Productivity
    • Improve profitability and positive impact to your bottom line
  3. Reduce Turnover
    • Minimize cost with reduced turnover and liability
  4. Customizable Training
    • Create flexible training options that ensure workers develop the right skills
  5. Retain Workers
    • 94% of apprentices continue employment after completing an apprenticeship
  6. Diversity
    • Foster a diverse and inclusive culture

Benefits for Educators

  1. Create a revenue stream
  2. Fulfill mission
  3. Provide students hands-on learning opportunities
  4. Stronger connection to employers
  5. State and Federal funding may apply via Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) programs
  6. Increase enrollment and number of completers

Benefits to a Career Seeker

  1. Earn as they Learn
  2. Career Advancement
  3. Gain workplace-relevant skills in the field of their choice
  4. Receive a nationally recognized portable credential
  5. Jumpstart their career!

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