An update on the Equus response to COVID-19.
Equus and Workforce180 Introduce the Business for Women Certification.

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Where is Workforce Services Headed?

Leading voices in workforce development talk through post-pandemic recovery, sustaining innovation, and achieving greater relevance than ever before. Check back regularly for new installments! This series features:

  • Interviews from workforce leaders during discussions at The Forum 2021 powered by the National Association of Workforce Boards (NAWB)
  • Articles on thought-provoking subjects impacting the future of work and workforce development
  • Key takeaways and conversation starters to facilitate plotting the course in your local community

Featuring Ron Painter and Mark Douglass

Ron Painter, NAWB President, and Mark Douglass, Equus President, discuss core habits established throughout the pandemic, re-engaging employers and job seekers, and the consumer experience. Watch the video.

Featuring Pat E. Sturdivant and Brian Holland from Capital Area Workforce Development Board

Debra Giordano, Equus Vice President of Service Delivery, Brian Holland, Chair of the Capital Area Workforce Development Board, and Pat Sturdivant, Executive Director of Capital Area WDB, discuss best practice sharing; leading workforce system strategic planning; the economy of the Research Triangle and the pace of recovery; and more! Watch the video.

Featuring Courtney Arbour from the Texas Workforce Commission

Lisa Boyd, Equus Vice President, and Courtney Arbour, Division Director of the Texas Workforce Commission, discuss innovations in online service models, employability skills building, and more Watch the video.

Featuring Irene Bustamante Adams

Mark Douglass, Equus President, and Irene Bustamante Adams, Deputy Director and Chief Strategy Officer of Workforce Connections, discuss Southern Nevada’s innovative pilots, insights on the future of the hospitality industry’s workforce, and much more! Watch the video.

Featuring Chef Jeff Henderson

Chef Jeff Henderson and Ron Painter, President/CEO of the National Association of Workforce Boards, discuss programming and outreach for youth development, closing the economic gap, coordinating with local community organizations and much more. Watch the video.

Featuring Stephanie Deese

Bradley Williams, Equus Chief Customer Officer, and Stephanie Deese, Executive Director of the North Carolina Association of Workforce Development Boards, meet to discuss best practices that emerged from the pandemic; embracing virtual services; leveraging social service and community college partnerships; and enhancing the toolkit for employers. Watch the video.

Featuring Erick Serrato

Nicole Ganier, Equus Vice President, and Erick Serrato, Executive Director of the Merced County Workforce Development Board, discuss strategies for the talent shortage, uplifting underrepresented communities, positioning the Job Center as a community navigator as well as what recovery, growth and the remainder of 2021 look like in central California. Watch the video.